Martine Rose: “I believe in humans and our relationship together”
Doug Aitken: “I was interested in the architecture that you don’t see”
Vivienne Westwood: “We have no choice between a green economy and mass extinction" 
Fitness and philanthropy during the Rio Olympics
Gustav Metzger: “We must become idealists or die”
Naomi Klein: “Existential urgency”
Jonas Makas: “I’m just curious”
Marina Abramović: “We need more collaboration between artists and scientists”
Sophia Al Maria & Fatima Al Qadiri: Gulf Futurism
Sophia Al Maria: “A nightmarish projection of what is coming globally”
Viviane Sassen: “People want to believe in this dream”
Buffy Sainte Marie: “Keep your nose to the joy trail”
Naomi Wolf: “There’s cultural energy directed at closing down the human body”
TBA21 and the sacred ritual of art
Agnés b: “We drank vodka, and he took ten photographs from his pocket to show me”
Chad Moore: “You only get older, I guess”
Pinar&Viola: “The confusion between sexual liberation and sexual objectification”
Pinar&Viola: “Mother Earth changes day to day”
Arctic activist Joss Garman: “Is this the path we want to take?”
Rachel Garrard: “Everything is just energy and is all connected
Francine Pascal: “Friendship, love, betrayal, honour, loyalty. Those things really matter”
Hsiao Hung-Pai: “I guess I do it because I’m a migrant myself”
Occupy: “It is a basic right to peacefully protest”
Oliviero Toscani: “Other photographers are looking for consensus, but I don’t care”
Golshifteh Farahani: “The freedom I felt in Iran I’ve never felt anywhere else”
Paul Conroy: “It’s about telling stories for people that can’t tell those stories”
Dreamers activist Juan Escalante: “Families are being destroyed and separated through deportation”
Gregg Bordowitz “I thought I was dying; I felt I could say anything”
Lina Scheynius: “It’s about trying to find your place in the world as one person”
Julia Holter: “The crazy wildness”